With Straight Talk, how can you change your phone number?

Call the Straight Talk customer support line to change your phone number. As of 2015, this modification can be made with a live operator or through an automated voice system, but not online.

The automated service prompts for language option after dialling the toll-free number. To select English as the language, press one. It provides a list of choices from which to choose. First, press five to access services that include technical support. The automated message presents a range of options for callers to choose from, based on the type of assistance needed.

To change the phone number, press three as directed by the automated message. If dialling from a landline, dial 1-800-299-7784. Follow the directions in the automated message. Choose a language, then press five to change your current Straight Talk phone number and get a new one based on your local calling region.

Only if Straight Talk provides service in the desired ZIP code may the phone be reactivated with a different ZIP code. An existing phone number from another company can be transferred to the Straight Talk phone. The phone number that has to be ported to a Straight Talk phone must be active with the present service provider.

Straight Talk allows you to change your wireless number up to four times each year. To change the area code on a phone number, the complete number must be altered. Straight Talk can set up fresh service with a new phone number or one that has been ported from another operator. Accounts that have been inactive for more than 30 days may lose their phone number and will need to be reactivated with a new phone number.

It takes anywhere from a few hours to seven days to transfer an existing wireless phone number to Straight Talk. If there is a delay from the telephone company, porting a land line phone number to Straight Talk could take up to 30 days. Straight Talk will only accept active phone numbers from customers that are in good standing.

Straight Talk’s activation site or over the phone with a professional can be used to port in an existing number. When the prior carrier deactivates service, the activation of a Straight Talk phone with a number from another carrier is complete. Until the process is completed, the phone number cannot be transferred or activated.

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