Why does my car start but refuse to stay running?

There are a few potential reasons why an automobile could start without a hitch yet stall soon after, depending on whether the engine is hot or cold. A defective electric sensor is most likely to blame if the problem only occurs when the engine is cold. A defective electronic fuel pump is most likely to blame if the automobile stalls even when the engine is heated.

Only a car with a fuel injection system can have a defective electric sensor. One of the electrical sensors has failed in this circumstance, causing the car’s computer to malfunction and incorrectly calculate the amount of fuel the engine requires. Because the sensors do not detect the low temperature when it is chilly outside or the engine is cold, the engine does not maintain the proper air-to-fuel ratio to keep it running.

A malfunctioning electric fuel pump is a problem that only affects cars with a fuel injection system. When the fuel pump is functioning properly, the engine produces a whirling sound. If this pump malfunctions, the engine will not receive enough fuel to continue running once it has been started.

The source of the problem can be troubleshooted, diagnosed, and confirmed by a competent mechanic. Replacing a malfunctioning sensor or electric fuel pump is a reasonably straightforward task.

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