Why Do Peacock Feathers Bring You Bad Luck?

The belief that peacock feathers bring ill luck can be traced back to a Mediterranean superstition known as the “evil eye,” which refers to the eye-like patterns on the end of peacock feathers. The “evil eye” marks are thought to be the femaledemon Lilith’s ever-watchful eye.

The superstition surrounding peacock feathers is thought to be linked to bad luck, particularly newborn deaths that go unsolved. Peacock feathers hung in the homes of individuals who had been afflicted were the only item that people could find to connect these calamities. People began to believe that the eye-like marking on the end of the feathers was a window that Lilith used to see into people’s homes since Lilith is a demon who is commonly blamed for misfortune and inexplicable newborn deaths.

Peacocks were frequently served during formal feasts during the Roman and Greek eras. The feathers were removed before the bird was cooked, then replaced with a honey mixture that functioned as an adhesive before serving. The roasted fowl took on a regal appearance as a result of this. For one extravagant meal for European rulers, roast birds were stuffed inside each other, with the smaller birds on the inside. The peacock was usually the outer bird because it was the most attractive.

Because the Mongol warriors who conquered those areas in the 13th century wore peacock feathers, they are considered bad luck in Eastern Europe. Peacock feathers are thought to be a seer of everything because of their numerous eyes. As a result, they are considered bad luck and are not allowed inside households.

A famous superstition concerning peacock feathers and ill luck in the theatre concerns the usage of the feathers in costumes, sets, or props, since many terrible incidents have been reported during performances when they are present.

The peacock, on the other hand, is revered in India and China. The colourful plume of feathers is thought to provide spiritual healing energy that promotes harmony and balance. The peacock is also a symbol of immortality, and peacock feathers signify rejuvenation because they are naturally replenished every year.

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