Who Are the Different Street Gangs in Alabama?

As of the year 2015, the city of Dothan, Alabama is home to three different street gangs. The All Profits Gang, also known as APG, calls Montgomery in the state of Alabama their home base.

The Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation, in addition to the Crips and the Bloods, both of which are well-known nationwide street gangs, have a sizeable following in Alabama.

The New Breed Boys are local teenagers who reside on the eastern part of Dothan. The Bottom Boys, who operate on the western side of town, are the gang that they compete with. A territorial dispute between members of the Bottom Boys eventually led to the formation of the Goon Squad.

Alabama is home to well-known gangs like the Crips and its sworn enemy, the Bloods. Both of these gangs compete with one another nationally. East Side Long Beach Rollin 20s, West Side Rollin 40s, West Side Rollin 50s, and West Side Rollin 60s are some of the subgroups that make up the Crips in this state. Hit Squad Brim, Fruit Town Brim, Harvard Park Brim, Van Ness Gangster Brim, and Fruit Town Piru are some of the subsets that are associated with the Bloods in Alabama. There are multiple chapters of the motorcycle street gang known as the Devil’s Disciples in Alabama. This gang’s roots can be traced back to Fontana, California.

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