Which Christmas-Related Words Start With Each Letter of the Alphabet? What Are Some Christmas-Related Words?

The letters “A,” “B,” “C,” and “D” in the alphabet represent the words “angel,” “bells,” “candy,” and “decorations,” respectively, while “elf” represents the letter “E” in this context. During the winter break, teachers might want to teach their students the alphabet by having them participate in this activity. There are fewer words that are associated with the holiday season that begin with some of the less common letters, such as “Q” and “Z.”

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The following are examples of words that begin with each letter of the alphabet and are related to Christmas and can be found on a list of such words:

A: artificial tree

B: bow, blizzard

C: candy cane, carols

D: December

E: eve, eggnog

F: festival, fruitcake

G: gifts, gingerbread

H: holly, holiday

I: ivy

J: joy, jolly

K: Kris Kringle

L – for light

M: merry, mistletoe

Nativity and Christmas Noel

O: ornament

P: poinsettia

Q: quince, quaint

R: reindeer, ribbon

season, and Santa Claus

T: tinsel

U: unwrapping

V: visitors

W stands for wrapping and winter.

X: Xmas

Y: yuletide

Z: zest

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