Where Can You Get Used Carpet for Free?

There are various options for obtaining free used carpet, such using Craigslist.org or Freecycle.org. By contacting larger carpet dealers, you may also be able to acquire new carpet for free.

Craigslist.org is a fantastic place to look for free used carpet, and it’s also a good place to look for free new carpet. To utilise Craigslist.org, go to the For Sale section and select your location. There is a category called Free Stuff in the For Sale section where you can search for carpet by keyword.

Freecycle.org operates in a similar manner, however all of the items on the website are free, as is the website itself. Type in a location and then search the ads to discover free secondhand carpet. In addition to viewing the listings on Freecycle.org, you can also put an ad for a free used carpet on the site. Those who want to give away a free carpet might do so this manner.

Large carpet dealers may also be able to provide free carpet. These traders frequently have huge carpet remnants, which are new materials, that they are willing to give to those who inquire. These remnants come from homeowners who have had new carpet installed and have bits of various sizes left over.

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