Where Can You Get Tupperware Lid Replacements?

Contact customer service at tupperware.com or your local company consultant to receive replacement Tupperware parts directly from the firm. Tupperware lids are also available for purchase on Amazon.com, and some online stores and auction sites sell old and discontinued Tupperware lids.

Tupperware’s plastic kitchen goods come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers any cracking, chipping, peeling, or breaking of containers or lids, as well as free replacements or store credit for future orders. Customers can also pay to replace lids that have been lost or damaged in ways that are not covered by the guarantee, such as microwave melting or warping. To request or buy replacements, call 1-800-TUPPERWARE toll-free, speak with customer care via online chat or the website’s contact form, or contact a local specialist. Enter your address in the Find a Consultant form on tupperware.com’s home page to find Tupperware consultants and directors.

Find the mould number to replace lids or other pieces of a Tupperware piece. A two-part number is stamped on all Tupperware goods, usually on the bottom of the containers. The first half of this number, all the digits mentioned before the dash, is the mould number.

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