Where can I buy Hydrox Cookies?

Cookies made by Hydrox are not sold in stores. Leaf Brands owns the trademark name and declares on its website that the cookies are returning as of March 2015. However, the Leaf Brands website also indicates that Hydrox cookies will be available in late 2014, implying that there would be a delay.

Hydrox cookies were originally sold in local shops in 1908, four years before Oreos were introduced. Hydrox cookies were made by the Sunshine Company for many years. According to USA Today, Keebler bought the brand and later sold it to Kellogg’s, who discontinued regular production in 2002 but briefly revived it for the cookie’s 100th anniversary.

Oreo cookies were created with animal fats, whereas Hydrox cookies were created with purely vegetable fats. This permitted Hydrox cookies to be certified kosher, but it stopped Oreos from becoming so. According to USA Today, further tweaks to the Oreo recipe eliminated the lard, making Oreos kosher.

Most Baby Boomers grew up with two types of cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookies on the shelf, and according to USA Today, Hydrox, dubbed “the superior cookie,” is in high demand. Oreos, on the other hand, haven’t faced any competition in over a decade, save from store brands. If Hydrox returns to shops, it will face stiff competition from Oreos, according to USA Today.

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