When three dots form a triangle, what does it mean?

In mathematical proofs, a triangle made up of three dots can function as the hence sign, a symbol that can be placed in front of a logical consequence. In other situations, three dots placed into a triangle can be a symbolic tattoo found on many Hispanic prisoners in the United States, or a masonic or alchemical symbol representing balance. The three dots could be a depiction of the Christian religion’s holy trinity in some situations.

Three dots aligned in a triangle can symbolise either the “therefore” or “because” sign in mathematical proofs. The “therefore” symbol is a three-dot upright triangle with one dot on top and two dots on the bottom. The “because” sign has three dots placed in an inverted triangle, two on top and one on bottom. In a syllogism, these symbols can be used with numbers, characters, or words. For example, because all Gods are immortal, and because Jupiter is a god, Jupiter is immortal, with the symbols “because” and “therefore” standing in for those words.

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