What’s the difference between people from Hawaii and people from Samoa?

The main difference between Samoans and Hawaiians is that Samoans come from the independent country of Samoa, while Hawaiians come from the U.S. state of Hawaii. Since 1919, a lot of Samoans have moved to Hawaii, and many Hawaiians are also from Samoa.

Europeans were the first people to move to Hawaii. They came as explorers, missionaries, and businessmen, starting with the English and the Americans. Other white people from Russia, Portugal, Spain, Norway, and Germany also moved to Hawaii. These people married both native Hawaiians and people who had moved to Hawaii from other places.

People from more than just Samoa moved to Hawaii. During the 20th century, people from China, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines all moved to Hawaii. People who live in Hawaii today often have ancestry from both the original Hawaiians and one of the other groups of people who moved there. “Haloe,” which means “non-Hawaiian,” used to be used for everyone who wasn’t Hawaiian, but now it only means “European.”

The first Samoans moved to Hawaii in 1919. Then, another 1,000 Samoans moved in 1952, and more than 13,000 Samoans moved in 1970.

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