What is the Winn-Dixie Employee Portal’s URL?

As of 2015, you can access the Winn-Dixie employee portal by going to MyWinn-Dixie.com, selecting your employee type, and providing your username or employee number and password. Employees can access information about their benefits, examine previous and current paystubs, update personal account information, and view work schedules on the site.

Employees at Winn-Dixie, which is part of the Southeastern Grocers Corporation, can create an account to access their employment information through the company’s web portal once they start working there. Associates at any of the store’s retail locations must select Store Team Login, then input an employee identification number as a username and the password provided by the relevant supervisor. Store and field support representatives must select the Support Center Login option, which requires a unique login and password to get access to the site. The reset tool, which takes a Social Security number and store number to authenticate identity, allows retail workers to reset a lost or compromised password.

The employee portal’s goal is to give a self-service access point for employees to manage various human resources-related aspects of their jobs. When benefits such as health insurance or retirement plans are available, this includes reviewing and selecting them. Employees can view withholdings and payment amounts on paystubs and payment details, while some tax forms may require access to extra websites.

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