What Is the Weight of a Tire?

The normal passenger car tyre weighs 20 to 22 pounds, light truck tyres under 17 inches in diameter weigh 35 pounds, and semi-truck tyres weigh 105 to 110 pounds. Off-road tyre weight varies based on the application, such as agriculture, mining, or heavy machinery. New tyres weigh more than scrap tyres. New passenger tyres weigh 25 pounds, whereas scrap tyres weigh 20 pounds.

In the United States, about one scrap tyre is produced per person per year. 77.6 percent of those trash tyres are recycled in some fashion. To augment their principal fuel, 40% of recycled tyres are used for tire-derived fuel in power plants, cement kilns, and industrial boilers. Other recycled tyre products include civil engineering projects, shredded rubber, exports, and agriculture.

Tires that have been retreaded contain 75% recycled rubber, while new tyres contain no more than 2% recycled rubber. Retreading needs only 7 gallons of oil to make a used truck tyre, versus 22 gallons to make a new truck tyre. School buses, aeroplanes, and commercial transportation fleets are among the most common users of retreaded tyres.

In the United States, passenger cars account for 80% of the waste tyre market. Tires make around 1.8 percent of landfill garbage by weight each year. Natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black, steel, and fillers are used to make vehicle tyres.

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