What Is the Process for Getting a Verizon Phone Book?

White Pages listings can be accessed immediately on the Verizon website or obtained in print by dialling 1-800-888-8448, according to Verizon. The directorystore.com website allows you to acquire printed copies of the Yellow Pages phone book. Click on “U.S. Directories” under the “Phone Books” category, then search for the relevant state to get particular listings of each area’s Yellow Pages phone book.

Go to the Directorystore web page.

Go to Directorystore.com to get started. Locate and click the Phone Books tab after you’ve arrived.

Select the directory type.

Click on the U.S. Directories link to order a phone book for a specific town or region in the United States. If you’re looking for a speciality field, such as an international directory, or a specialty language, such as Spanish, use the other applicable links. This link will lead you to a map.

Choose a town or region that interests you.

To order a phone book for a certain state, select it from the drop-down menu. Choose from an alphabetical list of cities and areas where you can order phone books. Next to your desired town or region, click the Order button.

Complete your purchase.

To finish your order, go to your shopping cart and select Check Out. Before paying with your chosen credit card, you must first complete a brief registration. Based on how quickly you need the phone directory, choose your shipping alternatives.

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