What is the procedure for programming the Sharper Image Jumbo Remote?

A programming code, a device to programme, such as a television or DVD player, and the jumbo remote are all you need to programme the Sharper Image jumbo remote. The jumbo remote has the ability to preset up to eight separate devices to be controlled by it.

The Sharper Image jumbo remote can be programmed in one of two ways: manually entering the device code or doing a code search through the remote while the device is turned on. To programme the Sharper Image giant remote to control the device you want, follow the steps below.

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Making use of the code search

Turn on the gadget that has to be programmed and point the remote at it. Hold down the “Code Search” button until the remote light illuminates. When the light blinks and then turns solid, press the appropriate device button on the remote, such as TV or DVD. Hold down the power button for a few seconds until the device goes off. To save the code, press enter.

Entering the code by hand

Turn on the device, then point the remote at it and push the relevant device button. Press and hold the “Code Search” button on the remote control until the light remains solid. Enter the code for the device that was included in the manual or found online. The light will turn off if the code was successful. To switch off the device and test the code, press the power button. To save the code, press enter.

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