What Is the Percentage Form of Two-Thirds?

Two-thirds equals 66.67 percent in percentage form. To find this, divide two by three with a calculator and multiply by 0.66666. To convert this fraction to a percentage, multiply 0.66666 by 100 to get 66.666 percent, which can then be rounded to the nearest hundredth to get 66.67 percent.

If a given fraction has a denominator that can be multiplied by another number to generate a denominator of 100, this is another method of converting a fraction to percent form. The fraction one-half, or 1/2, is an example of this type of problem. To get the solution 50/100, multiply the numerator and denominator by 50. This percentage equals 0.50 percent. When this is multiplied by 100, the answer is 50 percent. In mathematics, 50/100 is the same as 1/2.

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