What Is the Name for the Solution to a Division Problem?

A quotient is the answer to a division problem.

This word is derived from the Latin word quotiens, which means “how often.”

Division is the process of dividing a number into equal groups. The number that is split is the dividend. The divisor is the number of equal groups into which the dividend is divided, and the quotient, or answer to the problem, is the number of items in each equal group.

A quotient is obtained by dividing one number by another. When dividing two positive numbers, the quotient is also positive. Similarly, the result of dividing two negative numbers is also positive. However, when a positive number is divided by a negative number, the result is negative.

A number cannot be divided by zero, as this would imply that a pie of size zero is evenly divided into five pieces, which is impossible. The answer to a “divided by zero” problem is NOT zero; rather, the term is that it does not exist (also known as DNE).

Nonetheless, a number can be divided by a larger number. The result of this operation is a fraction, a decimal, or a percentage.

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