What Is the Function of a Tumbler in the Bathroom?

A drinking glass with a wide, flat base and no handle is referred to as a bathroom tumbler. Tumblers that are intended for use in bathrooms are frequently repurposed as holders for toothbrushes, cosmetics brushes, or even pens when placed on a desk. Sometimes tumblers are made in smaller sizes so that they can fit in the cup holders found in bathrooms.

In order to facilitate quick and easy access, tumblers for the bathroom are typically stored close to the sink. Tissue boxes, lotion pumps, soap dishes, and guest towel holders are some of the other bathroom accessories that are typically stored on the counter of the bathroom. Some individuals also like to store cotton balls in jars, small dishes for holding small pieces of jewellery, or vanity trays that are sufficiently large to hold perfumes and cosmetics.

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