What Is the Equivalent of One Cup When Measured Using Six Tablespoons?

According to the system of measurement used in the United States, three quarters of a cup is equal to six tablespoons. This rule states that there are sixteen tablespoons in a full cup’s worth of measure. The teaspoon, the tablespoon, the cup, and the pint are the fundamental units of measurement in the English system.

One of only three countries in the world, the United States of America makes use of this particular form of measurement. The European system of measurement, also known as the metric system, is widely used across the rest of the world with the exception of Liberia and Myanmar. In the metric system, the most common units of measurement are metres, grammes, and litres. In terms of the units used in the United States, one tablespoon measured in metric terms is equivalent to 15 millilitres (ml). A full U.S. cup is equivalent to 250 ml.

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