What Is the Equivalent in Tablespoons to 17 Grams?

Due to the fact that grammes are a measurement of weight and tablespoons are a measurement of volume, it is not possible to convert grammes to tablespoons in a direct manner. It is necessary to know the density of the material being measured in order to make the conversion from grammes to tablespoons. Because water has a density of approximately 1 gramme per millilitre, 17 grammes of water is equivalent to 17 millilitres of water. In terms of volume, seventeen millilitres of water is equivalent to one tablespoon and one half of a teaspoon.

The formula for density is represented by the equation mass divided by volume. Simply dividing the total mass of the material by its density will get you the volume of the given amount of the material. Both the mass and the density have to be measured using either the metric system or the imperial system. As an illustration, the density of sugar is approximately 1.2 grammes per millilitre. [Citation needed] 17 grammes of sugar / 1.2 grammes per millilitre = 14.17 millilitres.

After that, the result needs to be recalculated using imperial units of measurement. 15 millilitres is approximately equivalent to one tablespoon. In order to convert millilitres to tablespoons, you must first divide the total number of millilitres by 15. For example, 14.17 millilitres divided by 15 equals 0.95 tablespoons. The conclusion that can be drawn from this is that 17 grammes of sugar is equivalent to 0.95 tablespoons of sugar. Due to the fact that this value is so close to one, the conclusion that can be drawn is that there is 1 tablespoon of sugar.

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