What is the capacity of a concrete truck in cubic yards?

The maximum load capacity of a fully loaded concrete truck is 10 cubic yards. Depending on the thickness of the concrete slab, ten cubic yards of concrete covers between 270 and 810 square feet.

Concrete contractors with experience understand the necessity of ordering the exact amount of concrete for a task and take great care to get it right. Contractors generally purchase 10 to 15% more concrete than required to accommodate for spillage, uneven ground, and form movement on job sites. This frequently results in excess concrete following a pour, although having too much is preferable to having too little. Because workers are idle while waiting for the concrete truck to return, a shortfall wastes time and money, and the contractor incurs additional costs.

When a contractor orders less than a complete load of concrete, the concrete company adds a surcharge to the entire invoice amount. Certain fixed expenditures are incurred every time a concrete truck delivers a load. These charges are reimbursed when the truck is fully loaded. These costs are not covered when the vehicle is carrying less than a full load, so an additional fee is added to cover the full cost of delivery.

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