What Is The Best Way To Remove Melted Plastic From Metal?

Remove melted plastic off metal by either chilling it until it becomes brittle enough to break off or heating it until it becomes malleable enough to scrape off. After the plastic has been removed, buff the area with WD-40, nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, or, in extreme circumstances, fine steel wool or fine-toothed sandpaper.

Because poisonous vapours are released when melted plastic is burned, it should not be done. If the plastic melts on an oven rack or other small to medium-sized metal object, simply freeze the metal until the plastic becomes brittle. The plastic can then be scraped or carefully broken off with a razor blade or a hammer. Another successful approach for removing melted plastic off metal is to heat the plastic with a hair dryer before scraping it off with a razor blade. If the metal in question is a garment iron’s heating plate, remove the plastic by running the iron over a piece of aluminium foil sprinkled with salt. The salt will aid in loosening the plastic from the metal and making removal easier.

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