What Is the Best Way to Get a List of My Previous Addresses?

Former addresses can be found on websites such as whitepages.com and zabasearch.com. They’re free to use, and each address entering will display prior addresses.

The White Pages website is free to use and allows users to search for people using their first name, surname name, and location. This information contains the city, state, and ZIP code. You may also look for people by phone number. Because this isn’t an exact science and a lot of it is automated, it’s possible that the same person has many listings at different addresses. This is one of the most used methods for determining your prior residence. If you want to keep the information hidden, you can claim and amend an entry found on this site.

The information can be sent to an outside source, downloaded, or printed from the White Pages website. The website even has a map that clearly depicts each location. You can browse the entire list using the Previous Locations section at the bottom of each entry. Free public information search engines are also available on Zaba Search. The site can be linked to Facebook to make it easier to look up prior addresses at any time.

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