What Is It That Travels the World But Remains in a Corner?

The stamp is the answer to the puzzle “What travels the world yet stays in the corner.” This is due to the fact that a stamp will go across the world with the mail it is affixed to, while a stamp will always be placed in the corner of an envelope.

The riddle, like other riddles, is a question intended to make people think too hard about the answer. Finding the solution or the meaning necessitates ingenuity. There are a slew of other puzzles as well.

“What has a foot but no legs?” is another example of a riddle. The answer to this conundrum is a snail.

Here’s an example of a riddle that’s frequently used: What is it that the poor have, the affluent require, and if you eat, you will die – what is it? There is no answer to this puzzle. This is an excellent illustration of how riddles can contain trick questions or, in this case, require some ingenuity to solve.

People frequently get stuck and can’t discover the answer when trying to solve a riddle because they aren’t thinking about the riddle’s question correctly. This is why riddles can be difficult to solve, and many people love trying to come up with new ones.

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