What is causing my cucumbers to turn orange?

Cucumbers become orange when they become overripe before being harvested, according to Veggie Gardener. Cucumbers begin to turn yellow and quickly turn a brilliant orange colour if left on the vine. This happens because chlorophyll levels drop after the ripeness peak. Orange cucumbers are extremely bitter and should not be consumed.

Cucumbers can only be kept from turning yellow and orange if they are harvested at the right moment. Cucumbers that are ripe have firm flesh and a medium-green peel, and they are weighty for their size. The majority of cultivars ripen 50 to 70 days after planting.

Ripeness is also determined by the size of the fruit. If allowed to grow larger, each cucumber type has a varied ideal size and acquires a bitter flavour. Cucumbers for pickling, for example, are inherently smaller than other varieties. As a result, gardeners must know what type of cucumber they planted and what size ripe specimens in that category should be.

Overripening is the most prevalent cause of orange and yellow cucumbers, although the discoloration can also be a sign of the Cucumber Mosaic Virus. The Mosaic Virus causes soft, mushy cucumbers with mottled spots and curled, withered leaves, according to Gardening Know How. Peppers are also affected by this incurable infection. When a cucumber begins to show symptoms of the Mosaic Virus, it is advisable to remove it from the garden.

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