What Is an NBA Player’s Average Vertical Jump?

Players in the National Basketball Association have an average vertical jump of 28 inches (71 cm). A vertical jump is the vertical leap of a player from a standing posture.

The vertical jump is a test of a player’s leg strength and ability during game play, as a good vertical jump usually translates to a larger running jump. It is one of the NBA’s methods for evaluating players during the draught, and it is measured both without further steps and as a maximum number. The player usually jumps alongside a wall or other vertical structure that can measure the jump. Most of the time, the player’s arms assist in the jump by adding lift using counter-movement tactics.

Many NBA players consistently demonstrate vertical leap powers that much exceed the league’s average in practise. Vertical leaps of more than 30 inches are common among top draught picks. Michael Jordan and Darrell Griffith are the NBA’s top two record holders, each with a vertical leap of 48 inches (122 cm).

While many star players, including as Michael Jordan, have been among the greatest in this regard, others, such as Larry Bird, have ranked in the league’s average category with a 28-inch vertical jump.

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