What Is a Wood Stove for a Warm Morning?

Warm Morning is a trademark for a line of stoves manufactured by the Locke Stove Company. Both wood and coal could be burned in the Model 782 stoves.

The Locke Stove Company has been out of business for decades, and there is virtually little information about it on the Internet as of 2014. A picture of an old newspaper advertising for the Model 782 stove reveals that to burn wood and coal, the grate settings had to be changed. The stove had a charcoal finish and a combustion chamber with V-shaped grates and precision-sized grate apertures to keep unburned coal out of the ash pan.

The Locke Stove Company was established in Kansas City and sold stoves through local dealers all over the country. Martin Industries bought the rights to the Warm Morning moniker in 1990 and continued to manufacture the stove and parts for a while, as well as offering a propane-burning model. Martin Industries went bankrupt in 2002, and no Warm Morning stoves or parts have been produced since. As of 2014, several online stores have specific Warm Morning models and parts in stock.

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