What Happens When Parsley Flakes Are Smoked?

There has been little research done on the probable negative consequences of smoking parsley, according to drugs.com; nonetheless, smoking dry parsley may generate exhilaration or even work as an aphrodisiac.

Parsley has been utilised in the treatment of prostate, liver, and spleen illnesses, as well as anaemia, arthritis, and microbiological infections, according to Drugs.com. It’s also been used as a laxative and diuretic. Parsley and parsley flakes, whether fresh or dried, are high in calcium, iron, and vitamin C. There are only a few known clinical trials on parsley’s effects. Headache, giddiness, loss of balance, seizures, and kidney impairment have all been recorded as side effects of taking pure parsley oil, according to drugs.com.

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