What Happened to the Flagg Brothers?

Under the name Flagg Bros. of Puerto Rico, Flagg Bros. operates as a subsidiary of Genesco. Throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, Flagg Bros. was based in Nashville, Tennessee, and ran a countrywide chain of shoe stores as well as a catalogue for men’s clothes. Jarman Shoes, now Genesco, struggled to stay profitable in the 1970s and tried a number of different business strategies, including focusing on retail shoe sales and moving away from manufacturing and apparel.

Men’s apparel from Flagg Bros. Rise Up Fashions was advertised in magazines until at least 1982. Platform shoes for males and velvet suits with waist length jackets were among the clothing products intended at a young, urban clientele. Jarman Shoes absorbed the Flagg Bros. brand in the early 1980s when new ownership decided to focus on retail shoe operations.

In 1990, Genesco registered for and was granted a trademark for a corporation called Flagg Bros. of Puerto Rico. According to the application, the company is situated in Nashville and sells shoes and clothing. On Bloomberg.com, Flagg Bros. of Puerto Rico is identified as a Genesco subsidiary, although there is no indication of how the company fits into Genesco’s current operations. As of November 2015, Genesco’s primary concentration is on the sale of footwear and headwear.

Genesco owns the Lidz hat store and the Johnston & Murphy trademark. Genesco’s production operations have all been relocated outside of the US, with the last factory moving in 2002.

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