What exactly is the punchline to the joke “brown chicken, brown cow”?

The “brown chicken, brown cow” joke is a type of joke that begins with a seductive question that has something to do with farming, and then the joke’s punch line is “brown chicken, brown cow.” In one telling of the joke, for instance, the question “What are the sexiest animals on a farm?” is posed. The punch line, which is “brown chicken, brown cow,” is as follows: This is supposed to be funny because it sounds like “bow chicka bow wow,” and “brown chicken, brown cow” both have brown colours.

When said quickly, the phrase “brown chicken, brown cow” sounds like the iconic music from a pornographic film, and it is easy to apply this phrase to a number of different sexy farming situations in order to make a joke about them. The question “What animals did Farmer Joe and Farmer Betty see while they were alone in the barn?” is posed in a different version of the joke. The conclusion is the same in both versions.

In addition, the line is featured in one of Trace Adkins’s songs. The narrative of the song focuses on two people who live in the country: Bobby Joel and Betty. These two individuals climb into the hay loft after a long day of labouring under the scorching sun. The couple takes off their work clothes in the barn loft, despite the fact that there is corn, hay, and other animals that require their attention. The chorus of the song provides a hint as to what they may be doing: “Singin’ brown chicken, brown cow/ (Ain’t nobody watchin’ but the) / Brown chicken, brown cow / Yeah.”

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