What Does the Sparrow Mean in the Bible?

Sparrows have various metaphorical implications in the Christian Bible. These birds are small and have a drab, uninteresting appearance. This physical insignificance is used in the Bible to depict the small and importance of each soul in relation to the vastness of the universe.

Sparrows are also emblems of liberty, particularly when it comes to the soul’s ability to choose between good and evil. Sparrows are small, light birds that can squeeze into narrow spaces and soar to the summits of tall trees with ease. These attributes are linked by biblical authors to the soul’s ability to rise to Heaven through faith and good acts.

Other birds are employed as biblical symbols as well. The dove, for example, denotes peace, rejuvenation, and the Holy Spirit’s presence. Vultures are carrion eaters whose presence in Scripture implies purification and the transcendence of death and wickedness.

Many more animals feature in the Bible as well. Snakes and serpents, for example, are symbols of Satan. Pagan deities like Babylonian Bel, who was represented as a massive stone snake, were explicitly condemned through such symbolism. Sheep and goats are biblical symbols as well. Sheep represent the righteous loyal who believe and obey God’s word. Goats represent people who do not want to learn the truth or obey God.

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