What Does New York’s Omnipoint Communications Inc. Do?

Omnipoint Communications, Inc. used to be a phone service provider. After a series of mergers, it became T-Mobile.

The name of the company has come up again because people all over the country are getting scam calls from numbers that say “Omnipoint Communications, Inc.” in New York.

In the year 2000, Omnipoint Communications merged with VoiceStream, which was also a communications company. The new company went through a few more mergers and changes of ownership before becoming T-Mobile in July 2002.

Omnipoint Communications has a very low rating, and their website and other online rating services are full of negative comments. Even though the company doesn’t exist anymore, people all over the country have said they got scam phone calls and text messages from different numbers that all say they are from Omnipoint Communications Inc. in New York and asked for personal information. People often say that the callers have foreign accents, which has led some people to think that the calls are coming from abroad. T-Mobile has said in public that they have nothing to do with the calls and have no idea who is making them or where they are coming from.

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