What Caused Nilda Lavoe’s Death?

Nilda Lavoe died in 2002 after falling from an apartment window.

She passed away at the age of 52. Nilda Puchi Roman Perez was Lavoe’s maiden name prior to her marriage to the famous salsa singer Hector Levoe.

Prior to her death, Nilda Lavoe, also known as Puchi Lavoe, was recording voice-overs for a film about the life of her late husband, Hector Lavoe. Before the film titled “El Cantante” was completed, Nilda Lavoe accidentally fell out of a fourteenth-story window and died. Her official cause of death was determined to be a severe head injury resulting from the fall. Many of these recordings were included in the final version of “El Cantante” after Jennifer Lopez collaborated with her to obtain her story for the film.

El Cantante presented the life of Hector Lavoe from Nilda Lavoe’s perspective. Hector Lavoe was one of the most well-known salsa singers, and his relationship with Nilda Lavoe is prominently featured throughout the film.

Years before her own untimely demise, Nilda Lavoe witnessed the tragic passing of her husband, who succumbed to AIDS-related complications.

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