What Are the Rules of the “May-I” Card Game?

May-I? is a contract rummy variant in which each pair of players is dealt one deck of cards. According to Pagat.com, the game varies from rummy in that participants are allowed to put down all of their cards in a single turn rather than in consecutive turns.

May-I?, according to Pagat.com, does not allow merged jokers to be used again. That is, after a joker has been used as a wild card for a turn, other players are not permitted to collect it for use on a subsequent turn. May-I? allows contiguous sequences without the restrictions that other rummy-based card games impose.

Another distinction is the way round 7 is handled. May-I? does not follow the contract rummy special rules for round 7, and players who ask “May I?” during that round are given two extra cards for each time they say it. Play continues after that, as it is not essential to go through all three merging sequences, but if the melding player has additional cards, play continues as usual. Finally, jokers are worth 25 points instead of 15 in rummy.

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