What Are the Most Common University School Colors?

Red and white is the most prevalent colour scheme for institutions. Red is the most popular school colour overall, and red with black or gold is another popular combination.

Following red, blue is the most popular colour. Blue, like red, is most commonly combined with white or gold, but many schools and institutions also utilise orange and blue. Brown and yellow are both unpopular colours, with only a few schools employing them in any combination.

While some schools and universities utilise a variety of colours in their uniforms, logos, academic regalia, and other promotional materials, the vast majority use only two colours. This isn’t an accident; it’s a natural progression from mediaeval heraldry.

Colors, patterns, and designs are assigned to coats of arms, flags, and other emblems in the Heraldry system. This archaic method also determines the colours schools employ, in addition to the limited palette of only two hues. The “law of tinctures” in heraldry restricts the use of primary colours like red, blue, green, and yellow alongside metal hues like white, silver, gold, or black. Most current schools and universities still assign colours according to the tincture rule, however there are others that do not.

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