What Are the Horton Yukon SL’s Specifications?

The Horton Yukon SL has a 150-pound draw weight and a camouflage pattern for use in the woods. A battery-operated red laser and a scope attachment option are also included with the crossbow.

Use a cocking mechanism to increase the draw when hunting with crossbows. It’s easy to pull back your crossbow with a cocking device, and it’s also a deciding element in accuracy. When you pull the bow back by hand, the limbs are under unequal tension. A cocking device, on the other hand, ensures that the draw is always even and calculated.

Protect the crossbow’s strings and inspect them for signs of evident wear and damage on a regular basis to keep it in good working order. Because dirt can increase friction and the rate at which the strings wear, keeping the threads clean is critical to the crossbow’s lifetime. To extend the life of the string, lubricate the rail every 15 shots, but don’t overdo it.

Replace the strings and wires as needed, even if the strings are in good shape. The crossbow’s friction and abrasion wear down the strings over time, and you should replace them as soon as you see tearing or fraying. If the crossbow is used often, the strings should be replaced every two years.

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