What Are the Consequences of Getting Gas in Your Eye?

According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, when gasoline spills into the eye, it can damage the cornea. Gasoline is a moderate irritant to the eyes. Rinse the eye with water and seek medical attention if there is a gasoline leak.

According to Medline Plus, the cornea is the clear lens that covers the front of the eye. When a chemical irritant irritates the eyes, it causes momentary blurred vision, ocular pain, excessive tears, and redness. If ophthalmologists suspect corneal injury, they may inject a fluorescent dye into the eye to reveal the problem.

To eliminate the gasoline, Drugs.com recommends rinsing the eyes with the clearest water available while avoiding other pollutants. If clothing has been contaminated with gasoline, it should be removed to avoid further skin irritation.

According to Mayo Clinic, one approach to rinse the eyes is to stand in the shower and direct a mild stream of water. Turning on warm water from a faucet with a spout high enough to hold the head underwater is a second alternative. Allow water to rinse gasoline from the eye while holding the eyelid open. While lying in a bathtub, gently pouring water into the eye using a pitcher is also useful. To avoid irritation and harm, people should avoid rubbing their eyes.

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