What Are Some of the Facts About John Osteen’s Marriage?

In the mid-1950s, Pastor John Osteen married Dodie Osteen, and the couple had five children before founding Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. They had been married for for 44 years, and everyone of their children went on to engage in the church in some manner.

Paul, Lisa, Tamara, April, and Joel Osteen are the children of John and Dodie Osteen. With his first wife, Emma Jean Shaffer, John had another son, Justin Osteen. Prior to his marriage to Dodie, John and Emma Jean divorced.

On Mother’s Day in 1959, John and his wife launched Lakewood Church. Dodie continues to service inside the church with their son, Pastor Joel Osteen, who co-pastors the church with his wife Victoria Osteen as of 2015. Two of their other children, Lisa Comes and Dr. Paul Osteen, also serve in Lakewood Church.

John and Dodie Osteen produced a weekly television programme that aired in 100 countries in addition to starting Lakewood Church. Dodie wrote “Healed of Cancer,” a book on her experience surviving liver cancer when physicians had given up hope that she could recover. John wrote over 45 faith-based books. In 1999, John passed away.

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