What are some of the details behind Tom Joyner and Donna Richardson’s divorce?

Tom Joyner, a radio presenter, and Donna Richardson, a fitness teacher, announced their separation in December 2012, after 12 years of marriage. According to TheJasmineBrand.com, their divorce was finalised six months prior to the announcement, in May. The breakup was allegedly caused by a rumoured third party, with rumours pointing to Joyner’s colleague radio personality Claudia Jordan.

Donna was the one who started the divorce, and Tom and Claudia were seen dating in public not long after they split up, according to BiJog.com. The sum agreed upon in the divorce settlement is not public knowledge because both parties chose to keep the information, as well as the other circumstances of the divorce, out of the press. There were no offspring for the couple.

Tom Joyner operated two businesses: Reach Media Inc., a multimedia corporation, and BlackAmericaWeb.com, a website. According to EurWeb.com, Tom sold 53 percent of the two companies’ stock shares to radio broadcasting powerhouse Radio One for $56.1 million while still married to Donna Richardson. Donna was stated to have rights to the sale because the shares were sold while Tom and Donna’s marriage was still in place, and she wanted a portion of the Radio One stock sale value as part of the settlement, according to RadioFacts.com.

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