What Are Some Matter Examples?

Matter includes all physical objects such as stars, books, people, animals, plants, and the sea. Any physical thing with mass and space occupies matter.

Solids, liquids, and gases are the three states of matter. Other states of matter, such as plasma and Bose-Einstein, are also thought to exist by some scientists.

Living or animate objects are not restricted to matter. A camera and a dog, for example, are both matter since they take up space and have mass. The sun and germs also count as matter, so it’s not just about size.

Materials that make up something larger are likewise considered matter. A beach, for example, is matter, yet the minute grains of sand that make up the beach are also matter. Matter can include things that humans can see, such as water and sea creatures, as well as those that cannot be seen or heard, such as the numerous types of gases found in the air, such as oxygen and nitrogen.

Things that aren’t solids, liquids, or gases can be classified as matter. Fire, for example, is a type of matter, yet it is classified as plasma.

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