Serena Williams has how many siblings?

Serena Williams has a total of nine siblings, including half-brothers and half-sisters. Since they share the same mother and father, Venus Williams is her only full-blood sibling.

Serena and Venus Williams, tennis stars, are the only children of Richard Williams and Oracene Price, who married in 1979. Venus was born in 1980, and Serena was born in 1981. From her first marriage to Yusef Rasheed, Oracene Price had three daughters. From his marriage to Betty Johnson, Richard Williams had three sons and two daughters. Serena and Venus will now have a total of eight half-siblings.

Yetunde Price, Oracene’s eldest daughter, was murdered in 2003. Yetunde had worked as a personal assistant to Serena and Venus prior to her death. The Williams sisters’ parents both served as coaches for their tennis-playing daughters.

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