Rabbits are eaten by foxes.

Rabbits are eaten by foxes. Rabbits are the major herbivores in the food chain, while foxes are secondary consumers. Omnivores or carnivores can be secondary consumers. Because the fox is an omnivore, it eats a variety of foods, but the rabbit only eats plants.

A rabbit and a red fox are instances of predator-prey relationships on a food chain. Producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, tertiary consumers, and decomposers are all trophic levels in a food chain. A food chain can show how creatures in an ecosystem are interconnected. Rabbits, for example, eat grass, which is a producer, as a primary consumer. Red foxes prey on bunnies as secondary consumers, and a coyote preys on fox pups as a tertiary consumer.

The food chain also depicts all of the many things that an animal can consume. Foxes can consume berries, fruits, birds, insects, rodents, and a variety of other small mammals in addition to rabbits.

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