On Dish Network, what channel is the CW channel?

The CW is considered to be a local station, and the channel number of a local station will change depending on the geographic location of the viewer as well as the television service provider. Visit the Dish Network website at dish.com in order to obtain the channel number for The CW or any other local station that is available in your region through Dish Network.

Once you are on dish.com, if the area is not detected by the website or is detected incorrectly, you can find the location by typing the zip code into the search box that is located on the page. Local TV stations broadcast content and programming that is specific to their respective communities. This may take the form of regionally relevant news, sports, and weather updates. Local stations also have their own distinctive set of call letters that can be used to identify the station. For example, “WKBD-TV” is the station’s call sign for The CW in Detroit.

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