In Nassau, Bahamas, what are the ZIP codes?

There is no postal code for the city of Nassau or the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. While the Bahamas’ government has taken some moves toward upgrading their postal service, nothing has been accomplished.

The Bahamas are made up of nearly 700 islands, and the majority of mail is transported by boat. Mail delivery is extremely slow, according to the Bahamas Yellow Pages. A letter is usually delivered after many weeks. Mail is delivered to ordinary post offices, where individuals, families, and corporations can rent a post office box for $30 to $80 per year if they are Bahamian residents aged 18 and up. As a result, all mail to the Bahamas is sent to a post office box. When computerised databases in Nassau or the Bahamas have problems accepting addresses due to a lack of a ZIP or postal code, typing “00000” into the address field may help.

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