In Ddlc, How Does Natsuki Die?

Monika deletes Natsuki, which kills her. On the day of the festival, she performs it before eating Natsuki’s cupcake.

What happened to Natsuki in DDLC, other from that?

Natsuki is the only one of the girls who did not have a death scene in her story. The act of Natsuki snapping her neck to the side during her corruption in Act 2 might be argued as Natsuki’s self-destruction, however the repercussions are only momentary and inconclusive.

Is Natsuki DDLC a boy as well? Natsuki is a tsundere character. She isn’t suddenly a guy because she is sarcastic with MC at first, unlike what some may believe. She’s actually feminine rather than desperately trying to be; she wants to be competent in her own skin rather than always being perceived as too adorable, which explains her feistiness. The polar opposite of a trap.

How can you acquire Doki Doki at the conclusion of Natsuki, for example?

Cutscenes from Natsuki

Begin a new game (before to Sayori’s death) and make a new appeal to Natsuki.

When composing poetry for Natsuki, use charming or fluffy phrases to unlock two unique cutscenes.

To receive Natsuki’s third cutscene, select her to assist with festival preparations at the end.

Natsuki DDLC is how old?


Age 18

Ammy’s Handwriting Font


4’11” tall ” (149cm)

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Monika, how old are you?

Monika’s age was genuinely modified on Wikipedia. She is 18 years old, 19 years old, and one year old at the same time. However, the game took two years to produce.

Monika, are you a Yandere?

Monika is an Isolationist and Manipulative yandere who was presented as the head of the Literature Club. She is a goal-oriented person who enjoys poetry and music.

Is it possible to preserve Sayori in DDLC?

You may already be aware that Sayori cannot be saved. If there’s any consolation, there is a good ending (if you haven’t gotten it yet) in which Sayori is alive and well and thanks you the player for everything, as well as the other females.

What is the last name of Natsuki?



Word/name Japanese

Depending on the kanji chosen, several meanings can be deduced.

Japan is the origin country.

Other monikers

What does it mean to sayori?

Sayori is a Japanese name that signifies “love of my life,” according to a submission from Spain. According to a submission from California, the name Sayori means “Best Girl.”

Monika’s height is unknown.

Concept 5’3″””””””” ” (160 cm) After Yuri, she is the second tallest. Monika is described as clever, gorgeous, confident, and athletic by the other characters.

How old is DDLC’s Yuri?


What exactly does Natsuki imply?

Natsuki is a Japanese name that meaning Vegetables, Greens, and Moon.

Is Sayori doomed to perish no matter what?

Why does Sayori always kill herself, no matter what you do? In Yuri’s situation, she either kills herself out of despair if you reject her or stabs herself if you accept her confession since she cuts when she gets pleased. As a result, it’s understandable why she dies no matter what you do.

Monika has no idea you’re recording.

Monika has no way of knowing we’re recording. It has no way of knowing what that executable is doing or even whether it is legitimate, which means you may change notepad to “obs.exe,” run it before the game, and Monika will believe you’re recording.

Monika, what did you say to Sayori?

What is it that Monika says to Sayori that causes her personality to shift? “You will commit suicide tomorrow regardless of what happens, and if you do not, your love one will die in exchange!” I believe she added.

What’s the best way to acquire the Monika ending?

Monika’s ending begins after the protagonist spends the weekend with Yuri’s body, when Natsuki discovers the protagonist with Yuri’s body in the class, before puking and fleeing. Monika will erase all other characters from the game except for herself once she enters.

What happens if you remove Monika from the game too soon?

Everything will look normal if you delete her while the game is open and then start a brand new game (where you must provide a name), but Sayori will emerge, bewildered.

What if you remove everyone except Monika?

It will display you this if you remove Sayori or Monika’s files. When you destroy Monika’s file, Sayori takes over as president and becomes self-aware because Monika is no longer present. She can’t take it anymore and deletes herself as well as everyone else.

Why did Sayori commit suicide by hanging herself?

Sayori took the long route to death by hanging herself from a chair. To snap your neck, you must first fall a significant distance. Because kicking a chair out from under you isn’t nearly high enough to cause a neck crack, Sayori battled and died the hard way.

In Sayori, how do you get the nice ending?

You’ll need to unlock all of the cutscenes for each character to get the “best” ending. Begin a new game and make a plea to Sayori. When composing poems, choose terms that are “bittersweet” or sombre. By creating poetry that especially appeals to Sayori, you can unlock two exclusive moments with her.

What is the total number of endings in DDLC?


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