In Connecticut, where can I get an E-ZPass?

Because Connecticut has no toll highways as of March 2015, the E-ZPass is not available in the state. Connecticut residents who want to buy an E-ZPass can do so online through the E-ZPass Customer Service Center in the state where they travel the most. New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Jersey are among the states that offer E-ZPass near Connecticut.

The E-ZPass is a toll collection system that uses electronic technology. It allows vehicles to prepaid tolls rather than paying them in cash at a toll station. The E-ZPass system operates by interacting with a toll tag put on a driver’s car via overhead antennas at toll booths. The tag is read by the antenna, and the correct toll is deducted from the driver’s account. Video cameras are also installed at toll booths to catch toll evaders.

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