In baseball, what is a crooked number?

A number higher than one that has been placed on the line score as a result of a point made during a half inning is referred to as crooked numbers in baseball. The line score shows how many runs, hits, and errors each team has made during a game.

Line scores are broken down into nine columns for each inning and two rows for each side. During a half inning, either the visiting or home team is at bat and has the opportunity to score runs. A team is considered to have put up a crooked number when they score two or more runs during their time at bat during an inning. Crooked numbers are referred to as such since they are neither straight nor round like ones or zeros. Because the string of ones resembles the planks of a fence, a single team is said to have set up a picket fence if they score a single point in each of multiple consecutive half innings.

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