How Many Cups Does a Microwave Bag of Popcorn Hold?

The size of the bag determines how many cups of popcorn are in a bag that can be heated in the microwave. Check the label and multiply the serving size by the number of servings in the bag to get the answer.

For example, ACT II’s microwaveable popcorn with 94% less fat comes in bags that weigh 2.71 ounces. On the label, it says how many calories are in a single serving of 6.5 cups. The whole container has two servings. That means that the bag has 13 cups of popcorn.

If you read the label on a box that has more than one bag, you may need to do some other math. For example, a box with 12 equal-sized bags might say that it has 24 servings of 6.5 cups each. In this case, to figure out how many cups are in one bag, you still need to multiply the cups by two, since each of the 12 bags has two servings.

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