How Do You Work Out a Circle’s Square Footage?

The formula A = r2 is used to calculate the area of a circle. In less than a minute, you can compute the area of a circle. All you’ll need is a calculator, a measuring circle, and a measuring tool, such as a ruler.

Calculate the circle’s radius.

Measure the circle’s radius with a ruler or comparable tool. This is the length of a line drawn from the circle’s centre to any point on its rim.

Calculate the radius in feet.

If the circle’s radius was measured in inches, use the calculator to multiply the number by 0.0833333. Multiply the number by 0.0328084 if it was measured in centimetres.

Calculate the area using the formula.

By itself, multiply the radius (in feet). Then divide the result by pi (approximately 3.141592). To make things easier, your calculator should have a pi () button. The area of the circle in square feet is this number.

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