How Do You Play Euchre in Two Hands?

To play two-handed euchre, follow the same rules as regular euchre, with the exception of dealing two cards to a dummy hand. If the dealer is commanded to take the turn card from the top of the deck, the opponent has the opportunity to claim the dummy hand cards.

A normal deck of cards is used to play two-handed euchre.

Choosing and dealing cards

The dealer and opponent both receive five cards in sets of two and then three, with the dummy hand receiving an additional two cards. With the turn card face up, the rest of the deck is placed in front of the dealer. The opponent has the opportunity to mention Trump first. If the dealer is ordered to take the turn card, the opponent may take dummy hand cards and discard two of his seven cards. If the opponent passes, the dealer may take the turn card and the fake hand, discarding three of his eight cards.

Choosing a trump

The opponent might name another suit as trump if the dealer does not pick the turn card. If he doesn’t, the dealer is forced to call trump and pick up cards from the kitty.

Playing euchre two-handed

The game begins with the opponent taking the lead, and it continues like a typical game of euchre. To make the point, the opponent must take three tricks. The player receives two points for completing all five tricks.

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