How Do You Find a Trailer’s Bluebook Value?

As of 2015, neither Kelly Blue Book nor NADA publish a trailer pricing guide; instead, sells a commercial trailer price guide. While there is no authoritative guide to the price of used recreational trailers, the worth of a used trailer can be easily determined by looking at the prices of sold listings on places like or phoning local RV shops and visiting their websites.

Finding a “Blue Book” value entails consulting a Kelly Blue Book, a yearly publication that gives values for new and used vehicles with various options and degrees of condition. There is no product or guide from Kelly Blue Book that specifies the worth of trailers. Commercial trailer values can be found using guidelines; however, unlike Kelly Blue Book or similar services, guides for commercial trailer values typically cost several hundred dollars.

The most straightforward way to establish a trailer’s market value is to look at what similar trailers have sold for in the region and how much other sellers are asking for comparable trailers.,, and the online classified advertising of a local newspaper are all good places to look for recent sales and for sale listings.

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